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MonTen Soda Sparkling Expansion From Down Under to Tropical Wonder

MonTen Soda Sparkling Expansion From Down Under to Tropical Wonder

Get ready to raise a glass to MonTen Soda's exciting news! Our journey to bring affordable and eco-friendly sparkling water makers is making a splash in Indonesia, with our stunning new flagship showroom now open in the lively hub of Canggu. This marks a significant stride in our mission to introduce chic and sustainable soda makers to the world.

Fizzing Alliances

At MonTen Soda, we believe that the magic lies in collaboration. We're thrilled to unveil our latest partnerships, adding a sparkle to the Indonesian experience. Among our prestigious alliances, we're proud to join hands with Alila by Hyatt Hotels in Uluwatu. This partnership not only adds a touch of luxury to their guests' stay but also aligns seamlessly with our vision of providing sparkling water makers that are both eco-conscious which is also the forefront of MonTen Soda Hyatt Hotels. 

Sipping in Style at La Brisa Beach Club 

For those seeking an oceanfront oasis, our collaboration with La Brisa Beach Club is sure to make a fizz-worthy impression. LaBrisa now using a sustainable solution to single us plastic bottles in their stunning beach from bars.

From the vibrant vibes of Canggu to the refined ambiance of high-end eateries Including BAKED, NUDE And LA FAVELA and many more.  MonTen Soda is spreading the joy of sparkling water in style. As we continue this journey, forging exciting partnerships and sharing the fizz-tastic news, we invite you to join us in celebrating the expansion of sparkling water makers across Indonesia.

Cole Williams 
MonTen Soda