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Steel Crafted Brilliance

Seamlessly compatible with soda stream blue co2 Cyclinders.

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files/Discover_Icons-02.png Co2 Gas
Compatible with Australian and New Zealand CO2 gas cylinders such as Sodastream. C02 can be purchased from most supermarkets and petrol stations.*

files/Discover_Icons-03.png Tailored Bubbles
Simply press once for slightly carbonated and up to three times for more bubbles.

files/Discover_Icons-01.png No Cords
No power or batteries required. Take it everywhere!

1 Cylinder saves 60 plastic bottles

Sparkling Water Maker graphics
$0.32 Per Litre
Sparkling Water Maker saves bottles
$0.60 - $2.10 Per Litre
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Great Tasting Soda
Water Without The Plastic

Save 60 litres of bottled soda water per CO2 cylinder

Sugar Free Hydration

At Monten Soda, we’re making it our mission to end single use plastics and inspire our community to consider how everyday habits can change the narrative

Save Money

MonTen soda water costs
just 32 cents per litre.